Business Process Outsourcing

Establishment of a large BPO firm/English Voice Services

Investment opportunities exist in Trinidad and Tobago  for BPO Companies with a large English Voice Service focus seeking to provide high quality customer interaction, online chat  and tech-support services to clients from a nearshore location.

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Investment Advantages

  • Ready access to an available labour pool

  • Easy access to robust ICT infrastructure

  • Nearshore location

Case Study


In 2015, iQor needed to facilitate the expansion requirements of one of their existing clients (a well-known telecoms brand) by adding a new contact centre to their existing global fleet. Their strategy was to do this from a suitable near shore location.

On September 8th 2015, iQor opened its first contact centre in the Caribbean in T&T.

Operating Facts:

Country of Origin - USA

# of years operating - 3

Growth - Started with 60 seats at Tamana.

Expanded to another location in Barataria in 2017

Iqor now has 800 steady state  seats, excluding its ramping up to meet seasonal demand.

Find out more iQor's success in Trinidad and Tobago here.

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